• Le Napoléon - Warship

Le Napoléon
Screw and sail 90 gun warship (1848 - 1886)

Designed by the famous naval engineer Dupuy de Lôme, this screw propelled warship represents a momentous change in the history of naval construction. Through the support of Admiral Prince of Joinville, and a number of forward thinking navy officers, France was the first country to launch a two-deck warship specially designed to operate with a steam engine. Its success was overwhelming. It was a technical prowess which gave the technical edge to the French over the English.

Started on February 7,1848, she was named the 24th of February to commemorate the revolution which took place that same month. Renamed Le President in honor of Charles Louis Napoléon, President of the new republic, her name was changed to Napoleon shortly after the establishment of the Second Empire.

It is fitting that this famous and so well conceived vessel should attract the interest of model builders since this is the very first steam warship and the forefather of all the warships in today’s world navies.

Specifications :
Déplacement : 5047 tons
Length : 70 m.
Draught : 7,72 m.
Voilure : 2852 m2.
Power : 900 HP.
Speed : 11 knots.
Armament in 1850:
First battery : Thirty two 30 pound long guns, four 80 pound howitzers.
Second battery : Thirty two 30 pound short guns, four 80 pound howitzers.
Forecastle, quarter-deck : Eighteen 30 pound howitzers.

Model building : Advanced skills and time required

Scale of drawing: 1/150th,
one plan, two photographs, one notice.

Le Napoléon - Warship

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