• Le Phénix - Man of war

Le Phénix
man of war (1664-1669)

The drawings for this warship were established from drawings prepared for Colbert to assist him in presenting to the king the different steps in the construction and equipment of the more important ships of the fleet.

This ship, which was never built, incorporates all the main features of a second line warship. Displacing 1500tons, with 80 gun ports, it is a three decker without forecastle but with a poop and a poop deck. Its rigging includes a lateen sail with a topsail on the mizzen mast and a top sail mast on the bowsprit as well as a spritsail yard.

The hull decoration is very ornate as was the wont of the time and the bow carries the carving of a phenix, the name of the mythical bird reborn from its ashes, to symbolise the superb navy that Colbert built for Louis the fourteenth.

Specifications :
Length : 47,40 m.
Beam : 12,90 m.
Depth in hold : 10,87 m.
Crew : 600
Armament :
Lower battery : Twenty eight 36 pound guns
Middle battery : Twenty six 18 pound guns
Third battery : Twenty 8 pound guns
Aft deck : Six 4 pound guns

Model building : advanced skills and time required

Scale of drawing: 1/75th,
three plans , two photographs, one notice (french).

Le Phénix - Man of war

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