• Le Sphinx - Paddlewheel corvette

Le Sphinx
Paddlewheel corvette (1829 - 1845)

The Sphinx was the Navy’s first steam engine warship where the engines worked regularly. Built in Rochefort, she had a three mast schooner type rigging and her machines worked two paddlewheels.

She joined the Duperré fleet before Alger and liaised frequently between the navy force off Algiers and Toulon. In 1832 she sailed to Alexandria to tow the Luxor, which carried the obelisk now in the middle of place de la Concorde in Paris.
The convoy left Egypt in April 1833 only and after a stopover in Toulon it arrived first in Cherbourg and then the mouth of the Seine in August.

At the end of 1835, the Sphinx, based in Toulon, was assigned to the transport service between France and Algeria until July 1845. She broke up under heavy fog off Cape Matifou, east of the bay of Algiers, fifteen years after the surrender of Algiers, the news of which she had brought to France.

Specifications :
Displacement : 913 tons.
Length at waterline : 46,25 m.
Beam : 8,15 m.
Overall width : 14m (including paddle wheel housing)
Wheel diameter : 5,94m.
Mean draught : 3,35 m.
Engine : 160 HP rocking lever Fawcett engine
Speed : 7 knots
Sails : 745 m2.
Armament :
Eight 24 pound caron guns
Three 24 pound long guns.

Model building : advanced skills and time required

Scale of drawing: 1/100th,
One plan, two photographs, one notice (french).

Le Sphinx - Paddlewheel corvette

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