• Le MERCURE - Patrolboat

Le Mercure
Fishing bank assistance patrolboat

The first of a series of six this vessel incorporates the different features of all the coastal minesweepers built since the Second World War.

Her hull is wooden: wood strakes on wood frames. The sides are reinforced by horizontal plates in amagnetic metal and it has anti magnetic equipment. The deck is composed of teck planking. The bridge and roofs are in light alloy. The two engines proved a disappointment and the Mercure was cocooned for many years in Cherbourg.

In 1979, it was decided to refurbish her as an assistance vessel to fishermen and to replace the Fringant. Few changes were brought to the hull. Changes were more numerous topsides. An infirmary was installed aft, replacing the dredges. Additional quarters were built behind the bridge to house more crew (41 in all). The vessel has cold weather air conditioning and carries fresh supplies sufficient for 30 days at sea.

The Mercure resumed her activity in 1980, based in Lorient, bearing the number P765. Her main mission is to patrol the Bay of Biscaye and control fishing licences granted by the European authorities in Brussels and to provide medical and technical assistance.

She was decommissioned in 1990 and replaced by the Grebe.

Specifications :
Displacement : 365 tons.
Length : 44,35 m.
Beam : 8,27 m.
Engines : Two 500 HP MGO engines.
Speed : 15 knots.
Range : 6200 nautical miles at 10 knots.

Model building : Simple

Scale of drawing: 1/50th,
one plan, twenty two colour photographs, one notice.

Le MERCURE - Patrolboat

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