• Le Lansquenet

Le Lansquenet
Small destroyer (1944 - 1958)

The name Lansquenet was borne first by a destroyer launched in 1893, another one in 1909, who illustrated herself during World War I then for a few months by a destroyer scuttled in 1942.
This small destroyer, built in the USA and transferred to France in 1944 was named Lansquenet. She is one of a series of 319 of which 39 were transferred to France through the Lease Lend program and was initially designated as PC (patrol craft) and designed to escort convoys and other transport in coastal waters. Assigned to North Africa, the Lansquenet ensures numerous escort missions and participates in the Flank Force and patrols off the coasts of Provence. In the night of March 15 1945, she sights through her radar two enemy torpedo boats and sinks one; then on April 23, 1945, again at night, she sinks two torpedo boats and participates in the destruction of a third one. At the end of the war she is assigned to the 1st maritime region.
The drawing shows the Lansquenet as she was in 1947

Specifications :
Displacement = 325 tw, 430 tons fully loaded.
Length : 52,95 m.
Beam : 7,05 m.
Draught : 1,83 m.
Power : 3600 HP.
Speed : 18 knots.
Range : 6000 nautical miles at 10 knots.
Armament :
One 76 gun
Five 20 guns
Two 2 mortars
Two depth charge launchers
2 “mousetrap” grenade launching ramps.
Effectif : 4 Officers, 59 petty officers and sailors.

Model building : Simple

Scale of drawing : 1/100th,
one plan , two photographs, one notice (french).

Le Lansquenet

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