• Le Fougueux

Le Fougueux
Destroyer (1928 - 1942)

Built by the Brittany yards, the Fougueux was launched in Nantes in 1928. she is commissioned in 1930. She is part of the “Raid Force” in 1940 and then, together with the Second Destroyer division, she escorted numerous convoys in the Atlantic, attacking a number of submarines traced by her Asdic. In April 1940 she is stationed in Dunkirk and will be continuously in action during May: depth charge launchings, gunning of land targets, or AA action. She assists in the rescue of the crews of the Whiteley and of the Adroit. She is hit by an air bomb, and has to sail to Cherbourg where she is summarily repaired. She sails afterwards for Casablanca. Included in the Atlantic Ocean Patrol command, she escorts a number of convoys. She is sunk by gunning during the allied landings in Casablanca on November 8, 1942.
The Fougueux was cited twice on the Fleet roll

Specifications :
Displacement : 1378 tW, 1750 tons fully loaded.
Length : 107,20 m.
Beam : 9.80 m.
Draught : 3,10 m.
Power : 34 000 chevaux
Speed : 33 noeuds
Range : 3000 nautical miles à 15 knots
Armament :
Four 130 guns,
Two 37 AA guns,
Six 550 mm torpedo tubes
Crew : 7 officers, 133 officers and sailors .

Model building : Medium difficulty

Scale of drawing : 1/100th,
one plan , two photographs, one notice (french).
The plan represents Le Fougueux as she was in 1937.

Le Fougueux

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