• Jeanne d'Arc - school ship

cruiser and Naval Academy school ship

Built in St-Nazaire, she is launched in 1930. She begins her career as a training ship for the midshipmen out of the Naval Academy in 1931 and has sailed around the world many times. At the beginning of the war she is assigned to the West Atlantic command in the Antilles. After careening in Brest in May 1940, she joins the aircraft carrier Béarn, returns to Brest on June 16 and is sent to the Antilles where she remains until July 1943. She is then sent to the Mediterranean after having been fitted in two days with state of the art AA artillery. She transports troups for the liberation of Corsica, sails back to Algiers, acts as transport to Syracuse in Sicily and Tripoli, then undergoes careening in Casablanca in January 1944. In May she is again active in transport missions in the Mediterranean and the Atlantic, then assists in shelling the Ligurian coast. At the end of the war she resumes her training ship mission and shows the French flag around the world until her decommissioning in 1964.
The plan represents the Jeanne d’Arc as she was in 1949.

Specifications :
Displacement : 6496 tW. 9200 tons fully loaded
Length : 170 m.
Beam : 17,50 m.
Draught : 5,43 m.
Power : 32 500 HP.
Speed : 25 knots.
Range : 2000 nautical miles at 11 knots.
Armament :
Eigth 155 guns
Four 75 AA guns
Six 40 AA guns
Twenty 20 AA guns.
Crew : 28 officers, 620 petty officers and sailors, 156 midshipmen.

Model building : medium difficulty

Scale of drawing : 1/300th ,
one plan , two photographs, one notice (french).

Jeanne d'Arc - school ship

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