• First Empire Cutter

First Empire Cutter (1815)

Cutters are small single masted vessels rigged with a topsail and a topgallant sail. They are very close in design to a sloop and are assumed to be of English origin.

This type of vessel would rarely sail very far away from the coastline; they were used to liaise between harbors or ships of a fleet and for coastal patrols.

Their armament was caron guns, shorter and easier to handle guns, needing less crew for their manning.

The drawing of the Museum model allows even beginning model makers to build a nice model either for a glass cabinet, or for sailing.

Specifications :
Length : 15 m
Beam : 3,60 m
Armament : Fourteen 18 pound Caron guns.

Model building : simple

Scale of drawing : 1/50th,
two plans, two photographs, one notice (french)

First Empire Cutter

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