• Le Canot Impérial

Le Canot Impérial
Napoleon’s longboat (1811)

The Museum collection exhibits the real longboat, and model boat lovers and makers can admire this beautiful example of a boat used for parades.

It was built very quickly in 1811 – 21 days in all except for the decoration-, along the design of the Naval Engineer Guillemare. The decoration is varied and abundant, a group of figures at the bow, the imperial arms at the stern, and a huge gilded crown borne by four angels atop a superb aft cabin. The washboards, are covered with laurel garlands and even the oars are decorated.

This elegant craft was little used: Napoleon boarded it to visit Antwerp harbour, it was then transported to Brest and was used in August 1858 when Napoleon III and the Empress boarded it to visit the harbour.

For those model makers who are skilled in woodcarving, this is a beautiful but difficult model, because apart the sculptured decoration, the hull is clinker built: the result however is well worth the effort.

Specifications :
Length : 17,21 m.
Beam : 3,35 m.
Depth in hold : 0,97 m.

Model building : Medium difficulty

Scale of drawing : 1/25th,
one plan, two photographs, one notice (french).

Le Canot Impérial

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