Le Georges Leygues
Cruiser (1936 - 1959)

This cruiser was launched in St.Nazaire March 24, 1936. She is a member of a series of six sisterships which were considered to having been particularly well designed. After her trials the Georges Leygues is assigned to the Atlantic fleet. During the war she participates in the search of the Deutschland, then sails to the Mediterranean and remains there until the armistice. In August 1940 she is assigned to Dakar and sails again in 1943 with the allies. She is sent to the USA for six months for refurbishing, installation of radar equipment and modern AA artillery. She returns to Dakar and patrols in the Atlantic, then together with the Montcalm, sails to Scapa Flow in April 1944 then Belfast where she is included in an allied division. June 6 1944, she is off Port en Bessin and supports the DDay landings by shelling land targets. She then sails to North Africa, participates in the Provence landings, and sees action with the enemy in the Mediterranean on numerous occasions. She is cited once on the Army Roll.
The plan represents the Georges Leygues as it was in 1948.

Specifications :
Displacement : 1378 tW, 1750 fully loaded.
Length : 107,20 m.
Beam : 9.80 m.
Draught : 3,10 m.
Power : 34 000 chevaux
Speed : 33 noeuds
Range : 3000 nautical miles à 15 knots
Armament :
Nine 152 guns
Eight 90 AA guns
Twenty four 40 AA guns
Sixteen 20 AA guns
Four 550 mm torpedo tubes
Effectif : 32 officers, 732 petty officers and sailors.

Model building : Medium difficulty

Scale of drawing : 1/100th,
two plans , four photographs, one notice (french).


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