• Fishing boats from Provence

Small fishing boats from Provence (1900)
Scale of drawing: 1/25th

These vessels have kept the forms typical of ancient shipbuilding in Provence. These boats are large, very seaworthy, and their stern is fairly close to that of the galleys, pinkies or tartans of yore, the camber is important, bows are high on the water. Three such boats are represented, a “bette”, a dinghy with a head and a “pointu”. The bette resembles the dory used by fishermen off Newfoundland, with a flat bottom and straight sides. The mast, set in the middle has a lateen rigging with its triangular sail on a lateen yard and a small jib.

The dinghy with a head has an elegant bow; the mast, located at the beginning of the second third of the boat, is strongly tilted towards the back and carries a lateen yard, tacked to the head. The pointu or “rafiau” (word which has become popular for anything sailing on the water), originated from around Toulon, also has a round and large hull, but its high bow slants into the water. The stern, also high on the water, has a large rudder which extends below the keel. The mast located at the beginning of the second third of the boat, carries a lateen yard, and a jib tacked to a removable bowsprit encased on the starboard side of the bow.

CThese small boats are usually painted in bright colours. Their construction is not unduly complicated and budding model builders can hone their skills and thus prepare for more complex constructions

Model building : easy

Scale of drawing : 1/ 25th,
one plan, three pictures, one notice.

Notice available in French or English.

Fishing boats from Provence

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